Ways to Ease Stress | Work on Yourself Daily | Mindfulness is Key
I have been busier than usual with my office and have needed ways to ease stress.  Stress for extended periods of time can be worse than any sickness.  When stressed, I stay up too late and do get enough sleep, which compounds on itself as the days pass.  This stress can be caused by work, family, sickness or even internal factors.
My favorite way to relax is to knit on a regular basis. It really helps me to feel better and gives me a sense of accomplishment.  I like to see how much I have finished and what the finished product looks like.  Sometimes it is the small things that can make you feel better.  Even taking 5 or 10 minutes to do something that feels better is really worth it.
I have determined that I truly enjoy doing things with my hands.  Knitting patterns can be written for one thing and I will repurpose them for other things.  The creative side of my brain tends to take over as much as I will allow it.
I believe that finding something that you enjoy, (taking your mind off what is stressing you), is imperative this day and age.  My mom taught me to needlepoint as a young girl and I still really enjoy it.  I prefer things with my hands, since I spend most of my days looking at a computer screen.  The sense of accomplishment from a finished project makes my day much better!
Ways to Ease Stress | Work on Yourself Daily | Mindfulness is Key
I continue to work on myself daily and like to share my new find for the week.  It is a productivity guide to try to clear up some of the frazzle in my life.  If you would like to get it for yourself, One Productivity. I am open to new ideas on how to manage my time and overflow of information!
My other favorite thing is Pocket. I don’t always have time to read things that I find interesting, so I like to save them. I use Pocket to keep up with all of the articles that I want to read later. It works on my phone and computer, so that I never miss a thing.
I would love to hear what you do to relax. As y’all may have figured out, I try new things and am always interested in learning new things. I hope that you have a great and relaxing week and that you can take sometime for yourself this week!

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