I am going to be completely truthful and admit that I am not good at setting goals.  Goal setting was not on my radar until last year when I bought a goal setting course.  It was a good course, but I decided that this year, I wanted to try something different.  The Slay Your Goals Planner changed my thinking about goal setting!
I tried the Slay Your Goals Planner from It’s All You Boo and it is amazing! I cannot say enough good things about it! This goal setting planner gives you two different and thorough ways to look at your goals for the year and how to break them down into quarterly, monthly and weekly pieces.  It is a comprehensive step by step process to clarify your ideas and is exceedingly easy to follow.  It makes it easy to copy it for the coming year with weekly and monthly breakdowns to make it easier to keep your eye on the prize.
Slay Your Goals Planner | Winter Blues Bundle
My biggest issue with goal setting is that I tend to lose track of the big and little goals because I get overwhelmed with the day to day happenings.  The Slay Your Goals Planner puts your weekly and monthly goals clearly in front of you. I always need more help with my tunnel vision.   The planner also makes sure that you review your goals and actions at the end of each month, so that you can make any necessary changes.
The first chapter helps you to set your intentions and hone your plans for the future.  In the second chapter,  you are lead to your number one goal through all of the other goals that may appear to be important.  The third chapter leads you to four quarterly goals to help guide you through the year.  When you get to the fourth chapter, you get to plan your whole year including road maps for each quarter.  The fifth chapter helps you to schedule and maintain your goal beginning with the quarter, month and week.  It even includes a template for daily schedules for early birds and night owls.  The sixth and final chapter sets up a framework for reviewing the past month and make any necessary changes.
I feel as though I am finally getting back on track!  I have to thank the Slay Your Goals Planner.  If you are interested in trying it, press here:  Slay Your Goals Planner.  Good Luck and here’s to a better year!  There is a special bundle available until February 15, 2018.
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