Welcome to a safe place in the Home for Frazzled Moms.  There will be no judgment here…just acceptance and assistance.  We all can be overwhelmed and frazzled.  It may be due to something that we did or to the life that we lead.  I want to help you deal with that feeling of “I can’t do it all” or “what the heck was I thinking!” or “I just can’t handle anymore!”   I have been there on every level and still get there on a regular basis.
Being a mom/wife/adult is a full time job by itself and then you add on a job/side hustle (or 2) and don’t forget that you need to take care of yourself too.  Wife/mom/adult + job/side hustle + self care = pulling out your hair.  I am horrible about trying to do it all, forgetting about taking care of myself, then becoming a hot mess!  It may not look like it on the outside, but my mind is racing & I cannot sleep.  I am pretty good at covering it up, but it comes at a price, then I crash and just cannot handle anything else.
If you have been reading my blog this year, you will know that I have been on a journey of self discovery.  I decided that I did not want to live in this frazzled state anymore!  While not expecting to completely solve the problems, I am slowly working through them.  We are not getting any younger and I want to spend as much time as I can with my kids before they go to college (I have teenagers).  It is not good for anybody if Mom is burned out.  I have neglected myself for too long and that has been my major focus, which remains a work in progress!
I have a focus problem because my mind just races with things to do!  Medication and I do not play well together and I will truly try almost anything to make me feel better!  My Pinterest account is filled with all of those things that I want to try.  If you want to see inside my crazy mind, follow me at www.pinterest.com/mmcuster1.  As the picture of most Pinterest fails, I have found some amazing things, like an Instant Pot that makes dealing with dinner so much easier.  The amount of information that is available on every subject is unimaginable!  It sucks me in and then cannot leave, ie focus problem when I should be doing something else!
Home for Frazzled Moms | Come in, sit down and take a load off
I just want to let you know that it is ok to feel like this and that you are not alone!  I will never be the perfect Facebook or Pinterest mom, but I am the mom running into Publix the night before picking up cupcakes and delivering them to school the next day.  Never making excuses for it, I am just happy to help out and my kids have not been permanently scarred by it!  We all need to give ourselves a break and remember that our kids just want to see us participate if possible and be happy.  They will not remember their 4th grade Valentines Party, unless the school caught on fire or something like that. I promise!  If mine have gotten this far, then yours will be fine too!
I would not make a good June Cleaver, as I am not wired like that.  My family would probably have me visit a doctor to make sure that I was OK!  I am great at some things and not so great at others, but we are all good with it.  I love to stay home and do stuff, but I am not good when I am not working.  My job allows me to help people, even if is gets too busy and runs me crazy some times.  I have given up on a “work life balance”, but I try to make it as comfortable as possible.  Work or home will always require more attention depending on the moment.  I have learned to accept my life and I am working on the parts that I can control.
I think control will be my word for 2018.  2017 was more of an exploration year and learning what issues are out there and can be solved.  Every day is a new chance to work on yourself and your life.  I know how absolutely crazy this life can get, but I also know that some of it can be handled internally.
We all want it to be perfect, but trust me, it is not and that is OK too!  If everyone was perfect, we would all be miserable.  Life is made up of lots of people and things, stop, smell the roses and know that you are part of what makes this world great!  It is ok to be frazzled, embrace it, take the next step and make it to tomorrow!  Everyone has something going on that you do not see, so be kind and just be yourself!  You are the only you and you were made that way, so let you shine!  If you want to vent, ask questions or just follow my crazy, you are welcome at the Home for Frazzled Moms!

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  1. This is all so true! Mamas need to give themselves grace for sure. Good luck with it all:)

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