Everyday is a Clean Slate | Color it as you wish | It's OK to ease control
Everyday is a clean slate and you are in control of it.  The beach is truly my Happy Place! For some reason, the stress just seems to float out of me and the whole family, when we can see the ocean.  If you follow me on Instagram, you can always tell from the beautiful sunsets.  I hope that there is someplace like that for you and that you visit often. We all need that Happy Place in these busy times!
I have been working on my mindset and how I react to things every day.  As a Type A personality, I do not do well if I feel that I am not in control.  With kids, there are a lot of things that I could not control and I just go with the flow.  As they are getting older, I am reminded of that lesson daily.  My mindfulness practice has helped me to recognize these feelings and handle them in a more helpful way.
Everyday is a Clean Slate | Color it as you wish | It's OK to ease control
I remind myself daily that I can only control myself and my reactions and not the reactions of other.  Since I never know what is going on in their lives, then I cannot beat myself up.  My goal is to be mindful of others and not let it control my feelings.  Helping people is important to me, so unexpected reactions can throw me for a loop. I am striving to step back, remember that I cannot control everything and that reactions do not necessarily reflect on my actions.  If I have done everything that I can do, then I cannot fret about it.
I know that everyday is a clean slate and that I can color it anyway that I wish, so I am working on making everyday bright pretty colors! Life can be overwhelming and I am definitely not trying to downplay any of that, but a good mindset can help you through the hard times and you just have to work on it daily! Sometimes, you just need a friend or a reminder to help make that day brighter! I am always here if you would like to talk!

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