I want to share how Evernote: My Mother’s Little Helper.  With my schedule and family, I need help with all of the crazy stuff going on around me.  Evernote acts as a filing drawer to keep everything in one easy place.  Using Evernote on my iphone and ipad, makes it easy to work no matter where I am.  Evernote allows me to keep all of my information for home & work in one app, so I have named it My Mother’s Little Helper.
In my previous post on How to Start with Evernote, https://www.mmmcuster.com/evernote-how-to-start/, I give you the basic information about opening an account and such.  It is a great place to begin, if you are just starting out.  I use Evernote because it works across all platforms, allowing me to access my information from anywhere and everywhere.
Evernote: My Mother's Little Helper
Ways Evernote is My Mother’s Little Helper:
So email is my biggest pressure point right now.  I get too much of it and can lose track of the important ones, as I process it on the go.  If you are like me, you are usually away from home and need to find something quickly.  With Evernote Premium, I can forward an email directly to my account using my personal email address.   With any version of Evernote, you can cut and paste the important portion of text or use the Evernote Web Clipper tool to save from your phone or tablet.  Apple has a feature that will let you forward most things directly to Evernote.
Evernote: My Mother's Little Helper
Every week or so, when I clean out my wallet or purse, I kept finding another piece of scratch paper with a list or a note scribbled on it.  Evernote makes it so very easy to start a checklist and mark things off without having to find that pesky scrap of paper.  Most people do not go to the store without their phone, so your list will always be handy and not left on the kitchen counter.  I can even send it to my husband or kids if I need them to go to the store for me.
Evernote: My Mother's Little Helper
Evernote has numerous templates set up for all sorts of things, so that you do not have reinvent the wheel.  Templates allow you to simply type or write your information in the forms and keep it available for future reference.  You just need to copy the template and fill it in to your heart’s desire.  I use the calendar templates, since paper calendars are not my thing.  I have started a digital bullet journal and used the Evernote template for 2017 as my starting point.
With this blog and the kids activities, I try to keep all of information that I need, including writing these posts in one place.  I basically use it for everything and the kitchen sink (I actually used it to keep up with my kitchen remodel). One of the best parts for me is that I can take a picture of something with my phone and attach it to the appropriate note.  Evernote can record audio and attach them to a note, which helps while driving or at important meetings or crazy things that your kids say.
Evernote: My Mother's Helper
Read Later
I like to try new things and I try to read something new every day.  If I find a good article, I will save it to Evernote to read it later.  Evernote allows you to download notes directly to your phone or tablet, for reading without internet access.
Evernote: My Mother's Little Helper
Organizing Your Evernote
When you start with Evernote, it creates a notebook in your name for all new notes.  I use a 1 to label my most important notebooks, then they will be at the top of the list.  Notes can be moved from notebook to notebook, but can only be in one notebook at a time.  A more detailed way to organize, is to use tags, which can be used on multiple notes.  Evernote can be easily searched, so that you can find anything.  I use an Inbox notebook for all of the new information, so that I can process it later.
For full disclosure, I became an Evernote Community Leader this year to introduce people to Evernote.  This is a volunteer program, which I joined to help spread the love.  To set up a new account, go to https://evernote.com/business/sign-up/?ebcc=cl_mcuster.
I am not sure what I would do without my Mother’s Little Helper and everything that I keep in it.  After trying lots of other programs, I simply keep coming back to Evernote.  I use it everyday and I would recommend it to anyone trying to organize their busy lives.

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  1. I use Wunderlist to make shopping list, but this seems like a good app for many different things!

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