How to Start with Evernote
I want to show you How to Start with Evernote.  If you are like me, then you have notes written all over the place, a stack of papers from work and school and a bunch of mail that you need to handle.  I use Evernote to keep track of everything possible in my life, both personal and business.  You can use it to keep track of:
  1.  Text notes
  2.  Taking pictures and saving them
  3.  Keeping voice memos
  4.  Saving websites or articles
  5.  Forwarding emails for future reference
  6.  Attaching pdfs

Since most of us keep our phones with us, it is easier to maintain it all in one easily accessible place.  Evernote is searchable, so I did not have to scroll through all of my pictures to find the phone number for the driving test instructor.  When someone else needed to call for a driving test, then I could just share the number with them.

How to Start with Evernote

1.  Sign Up

The first step is to go to sign up for a new account.   It is free to sign up for the basic account to give it a try.  I would suggest starting with a basic plan and then moving to a plus or premium plan based on your needs in the future.  As an Evernote Community Leader, I want to teach you about Evernote and help you through this journey.  Here is the link to sign up for a Evernote basic account:

2. Set It Up

The second step is to set it up, download the app to your phone or install it on your computer.  Evernote works with Windows, Mac, Android, iOs and Windows phone.  I keep Evernote on my office computer, laptop, tablet and phone, so that I will have access to my information wherever I am.  I currently have over 2000 notes in Evernote, some would say that I am a fan girl.  Evernote will automatically sync between devices, so that your information is always up to date.  I am a recent convert from Android to Apple, so I installed the app on my new phone and tablet and everything synced again.
3. Create a Note
The third step is create a note.  Open the app and start typing or writing or take a picture with the camera.  Notes may contain web clippings, text, pictures, voice recordings or even hand written notes.  You can attach almost anything to a note to keep for future reference.  Each note has a title, which Evernote picks for you from the first line of the note or you can name it.  Notes can be included in Notebooks to keep similar notes together.  Notebooks can be put together in stacks to keep them with similar subjects.  All notes in Evernote are searchable, so that you can always find what you are looking for with a few keystrokes.
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  1. I love Evernote!! I organize my whole life with it. I have a system for daily and weekly to-dos that I would be lost without!

    1. Author

      Thanks for your comment! I am working on some templates and I will share them here soon! Please come back and check in again. Michael

  2. I love evernote! It’s one of the productivity apps I install whenever i get a new phone or when i switch from one OS to another!

    I love your introductory article for evernote. If i wasn’t taken to it already, i would’ve installed it upon reading this. This is a refreshing way to read tech: From an actual consumer/user, not just a gadget freak/tech blogger. Something i’m working on with my own site (check out my own write-up about evernote if you have the time *chuckle*)

    Thanks fot dropping in on my IG. I wouldn’t have stumpled upon such a well-written, very natural article from you.

    I subscribed! ?

    1. Author

      Thanks for your great comment! I liked your article also! Part of the reason that I love Evernote is that I can use it across platforms and everywhere that I am. I use it for everything from my office and my blog and my family. I would love to hear how else you use it! I am working on templates for it, so stay tuned. Thanks for the subscription! Have a great day! Michael

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