Change is good | Step out of Your Rut | Mindfulness helps
Change is good and doing something different can make the week better.  I have a tendency to get stuck in the same rut when I feel like time has gotten away from me.  My usual process is to work all week, even when I get home, and then vegetate as much as possible on the weekend.  Hulu and my chair in the study become my best friends. I start work again on Sundays, so that I can get a jump on the week.  I still have all of the family and house stuff to take care of too! My new nickname is the Sink Fairy, since everything left in the sink gets miraculously cleaned and put away!
I changed it up this weekend and I feel much better! My daughter wanted to go to Atlanta for the day with a friend, so I went with them. We went to our favorite restaurants and shopped some and then headed home. It was a long drive, but the change of scenery was just what we needed. Spring is very busy for us, so the change was awesome. My wish is to meet each coming week with the same zeal! If you just look at each day with a new perspective, then every day is a chance to try something new or see something differently! The more excited that you are about the future, then the better the future will be!
Change is good | Step out of Your Rut | Mindfulness helps
I have been re-reading “You are a Bad-ass, How to Stop Doubting Your Greatness and Start Living an Awesome Life”.   I have not always felt the comfortable in my own skin, but after the last year, I know that I can only control myself and how I react to the world around me.  Periodic reminders not to stress over the things that I cannot control happen daily! My newfound outlook has helped to ease some of the daily pressure and let me enjoy my days! I am determined to have a much better outlook on life, so that those same good vibes will come back to me!
One of my other favorite things are Pilot Frixion pens.  I have been using them for a couple of years and have become addicted to them again. They allow me to make notes and correct mistakes all at the same time. I would usually use a pencil for my calendar, but can use these instead and not make it a hot mess. The ink and ability to erase it has gotten much better over time, if you have ever tried them before and not been impressed, give them another shot.
I went on a Keto diet a few months ago and have been trying to stay relatively low carb since then. I am not perfect, but I keep trying and I have been feeling better.  I stopped drinking coffee again and wanted something that was tasty and was not tea. I scoured Pinterest for keto hot chocolate and ended up coming up with my own recipe. I mix 10 oz hot water, 1 TBSP Hershey’s unsweetened Cocoa (you can add extra if you like), 1 TBSP coconut oil, liquid stevia to taste (I LOVE the coconut flavored one) and milk or heavy cream to taste. It has helped to tame my sweet tooth after dinner and tastes great before work.
I hope that I can share some solitude and a new outlook for your week also! I freely admit that I am not always the calmest or most put together person (at least not in my own head), but I am working towards it! Look at this week with a positive outlook and see if that outlook is returned to you! Let me know how it goes! Here’s to a beautiful and exciting week for everyone!

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  1. It took getting myself all burned out and just so far past done that I couldn’t do anything before I realized I was so “busy” taking care of everything else that I wasn’t taking care of myself. Self care is so important, and somehow we overlook it so easily as moms, even just as women in general, when we should be making ourselves top priority.

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