I am going to be completely truthful and admit that I am not good at setting goals.  Goal setting was not on my radar until last year when I bought a goal setting course.  It was a good course, but I decided that this year, I wanted to try something different.  The Slay Your Goals Planner changed my thinking about goal setting! I tried the Slay Your Goals Planner from It’s All You Boo and it is amazing! I cannot say enough good things about it! This goal setting planner gives you two different and thorough ways to look at your goals for the yearRead More →

I want to share how Evernote: My Mother’s Little Helper.  With my schedule and family, I need help with all of the crazy stuff going on around me.  Evernote acts as a filing drawer to keep everything in one easy place.  Using Evernote on my iphone and ipad, makes it easy to work no matter where I am.  Evernote allows me to keep all of my information for home & work in one app, so I have named it My Mother’s Little Helper. In my previous post on How to Start with Evernote,, I give you the basic information about opening an account and such.Read More →

5 Ways to Help Your Brain Work Better

Here are 5 ways to help your brain work better.  We have so much information thrown at us every day that our brain cannot handle it and needs a break to process it.  We think that an app will make it better, but sometimes, you just need to rest and relax.  Let me help you find 5 easy ways to tame that overwhelm. 1. Brain Dump The easiest way to start is a brain dump. Take a piece of paper, or even the notepad app on your phone and put down everything swirling around in your head.  Make sure to include everything and anything, noRead More →

How to Start with Evernote

I want to show you How to Start with Evernote.  If you are like me, then you have notes written all over the place, a stack of papers from work and school and a bunch of mail that you need to handle.  I use Evernote to keep track of everything possible in my life, both personal and business.  You can use it to keep track of:  Text notes  Taking pictures and saving them  Keeping voice memos  Saving websites or articles  Forwarding emails for future reference  Attaching pdfs Since most of us keep our phones with us, it is easier to maintain it all in oneRead More →

How to Organize Your Life for Free Time

Raise your hand if you would like 5 extra minutes of free time today!  Like most moms, I receive a ton of information everyday and struggle to organize my life.  With our family of teenagers and full time jobs, the information tends to multiply.  I strive to escape the flood of information and make more free time. My favorite hobbies are knitting, photography and Pinterest.  Everyone needs some down time and I want to help you reach that goal.  We try to use the weekends to rest and recharge from our hectic weeks. I am going to make 2017 a more productive and hopefully lessRead More →