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Change is good | Step out of Your Rut | Mindfulness helps

Change is good and doing something different can make the week better.  I have a tendency to get stuck in the same rut when I feel like time has gotten away from me.  My usual process is to work all week, even when I get home, and then vegetate as much as possible on the weekend.  Hulu and my chair in the study become my best friends. I start work again on Sundays, so that I can get a jump on the week.  I still have all of the family and house stuff to take care of too! My new nickname is the Sink Fairy,Read More →

Ways to Ease Stress | Work on Yourself Daily | Mindfulness is Key

I have been busier than usual with my office and have needed ways to ease stress.  Stress for extended periods of time can be worse than any sickness.  When stressed, I stay up too late and do get enough sleep, which compounds on itself as the days pass.  This stress can be caused by work, family, sickness or even internal factors. My favorite way to relax is to knit on a regular basis. It really helps me to feel better and gives me a sense of accomplishment.  I like to see how much I have finished and what the finished product looks like.  Sometimes itRead More →

Everyday is a Clean Slate | Color it as you wish | It's OK to ease control

Everyday is a clean slate and you are in control of it.  The beach is truly my Happy Place! For some reason, the stress just seems to float out of me and the whole family, when we can see the ocean.  If you follow me on Instagram, you can always tell from the beautiful sunsets.  I hope that there is someplace like that for you and that you visit often. We all need that Happy Place in these busy times! I have been working on my mindset and how I react to things every day.  As a Type A personality, I do not do well ifRead More →

We are all a work in progress.  I know that I talk a lot about changing your mindset, but I truly believe that we can feel better!  As we get older, we start to get settled into our “place” in life. Sometimes, we want to make changes, but don’t know where to start.  We can be happy, but still looking to make changes, which can be scary and exciting at the same time. I have been practicing law for 22 years and have teenagers, but felt late last year that I was missing something. I love to talk to people and decided to start thisRead More →

How to Say No | Take Control of Your Life with One Easy Word

Let me show you How to Say No.  With this one easy word “No” comes a new feeling of freedom.  It is hard to say at first, but it is necessary to take back control of my life.  I know that I cannot control everything in my life, so I decided to take control of what I could.  I am not saying that you need to say No across the board, but you can use it as an option without feeling guilty. Let’s add a new goal to our daily routine, Just say No.  As women, we are expected to be nurturers and we doRead More →