How to better your mindset to help you make your day better.   You are beautiful and you should embrace it!  You are an amazing human being and I want you to be proud of it!  These days, there is a lot of media and discussion about making yourself better and changing who you are.  I have been struggling with this personally and have come to some interesting conclusions.  I am also working on staying in my happy place and knowing how to better my mindset has helped. Basics You are who you are today because of the life that you have lived up toRead More →

 I want to help you decide how to make morning and evening routines.  My routines seem to change with the seasons and my mood!  I tweak my routines, to make it as easy as possible to prepare for the day.  After I had children, I decided that a routine would make sure that I did not missing anything.  The worst feeling is to be heading out in the morning and figure out that you forgot something that you do not have time to go back and get.  I believe that knowing how to make a morning and evening routine will help reduce that feeling. I satRead More →

I want to share how Evernote: My Mother’s Little Helper.  With my schedule and family, I need help with all of the crazy stuff going on around me.  Evernote acts as a filing drawer to keep everything in one easy place.  Using Evernote on my iphone and ipad, makes it easy to work no matter where I am.  Evernote allows me to keep all of my information for home & work in one app, so I have named it My Mother’s Little Helper. In my previous post on How to Start with Evernote,, I give you the basic information about opening an account and such.Read More →

How to Shift Perspective to Boost Your Day

Here are small steps about how to shift perspective to boost your day. We all have pretty crazy, busy lives with a family and a job and just life in general.  I have a tendency to get caught up in that life and forget about the world around me. There are some amazing things going on outside of your world, which you do not want to miss. Take a minute to stop and look around you and see what else is going on. This attention to other things will help shift perspective to boost your day. Goal setting has never been my thing, but learningRead More →

How to Give Mom a Break

I have a full time job, a husband, 2 teenagers and 4 pets.  After waking up at 3 am with my mind racing, I wanted to know how to give Mom a break.  At my age, I blamed it on hormones, but I decided that it was probably stress.  I had lost control of my life and it was taking a toll on my family.  I am figuring out how to give Mom a break and take back my life. As I lost sleep, I started to get sick more often and I got grouchy.  My family got grouchy too because we all know thatRead More →