How to Make Morning and Evening Routines

 I want to help you decide how to make morning and evening routines.  My routines seem to change with the seasons and my mood!  I tweak my routines, to make it as easy as possible to prepare for the day.  After I had children, I decided that a routine would make sure that I did not missing anything.  The worst feeling is to be heading out in the morning and figure out that you forgot something that you do not have time to go back and get.  I believe that knowing how to make a morning and evening routine will help reduce that feeling.
I sat down and wrote down everything that I did in the mornings and evenings and worked to streamline them.  Recently, I decided that showering was taking up too much time, so I started showering before bed and doing any touch ups in the morning.  This decision has cut about 30 minutes out of the morning routine, so that I can do other, better things.  I am more productive in the morning, so I prefer to handle other things during that time.  My goal is not to check social media or email until I am ready because I end up down that rabbit hole.
I get up in the morning, brush my teeth and put in my contacts because I am BLIND, like I cannot see past my nose blind.  After that, I meditate for 10 minutes, i.e. sit quietly and let my mind get ready for the day.  Meditating has definitely reduced the harried feelings of mornings past.  The Insight Timer free app is my favorite, with a timer,  background music and an ending bell.  Then, I go the kitchen, eat something and drink some tea or hot lemon water.
After then, I get ready for the day, and do small chores, like making the bed, fold clothes, empty the dishwasher or check on the animals.  I turn on the coffee and make sure that my son gets up.  With teenagers, they are pretty self sufficient, which makes my morning pretty easy now.  My main task is to make sure that they get out of the door with everything that they need for the day.
After the kids head to school, I review my tasks for the day and process any late and early emails.  I read The Skimm email,, with links to more in depth reporting, if you are so inclined.    It gives me the information that I want, without watching the morning news shows.  This article contains affiliate links.
How to Make Morning and Evening Routines
After work, I get dinner ready and prepare for the next day, including coffee and my breakfast.  After checking about anything that has cropped up during the day, I can plan for the next day.  I run a load of laundry or straighten up, so that I will not be overwhelmed later on.  By laying out anything that needs to go out in the morning, we will not forget it.  We each have our own areas in the kitchen, so that there is a place to leave the important things.
I have started doing yoga or walking in the evening, so I try to get that in after dinner.  After checking on the animals and yard, I will shower and get ready for bed.  I read and review my calendar and tasks from today and tomorrow.  Reviewing my day, helps me to put things into perspective and lets me know how much more needs to be completed.  My new goal is journaling before bed, helping me to sleep better after getting everything out of my head.  I stay off of my electronics an hour before bed, especially since my sleep is not the best.
I try to stay within the parameters of my morning and evening routines, but I also know that things change.  Allowing some extra time into my plans lets me feel at ease, in case something unexpected comes up.   Give it a try and hopefully you will not head out with that feeling of dread that you missed something.
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