10 Sanity Savers for Overwhelmed Moms

Here are my 10 Sanity Savers for Overwhelmed Moms.  Being a mom can be overwhelming, especially with work, extended family, or outside obligations.  With a full time job and two teenagers, I am very familiar with overwhelm.  I have been working over the years to make my life as streamlined as possible, but it is definitely trial and error.   My methods may not work for everyone, but I like to be open to new ideas and to try new things.  I hope that this list of 10 sanity savers for overwhelmed moms helps you deal with your every day life.
1.   Give Yourself a Break
The first and probably hardest sanity saver is to give yourself a break!  I know that this sounds crazy, but you can drive yourself batty worrying that everything is perfect.  Some days are good and some days are not, but it all evens out in the end.  I know that it seems like it will all come crashing down, if you do not get it handled correctly.  But I promise, it will all work out in the end.  It took me years to finally accept this one sanity saver, but my family has survived and I am certainly not perfect!
2.   Make Morning and Evening Routine
Create a morning and evening routine, which makes me feel less stressed and prepared for my day.  A morning routine tells me what needs to get done and how long it will generally take.  An evening routine helps me to get to bed without worrying that I have missed something.  I have spent years paring down and tweaking these routines to help make my days easier.  Here is the link to a more in-depth description of my morning and evening routines.  https://www.mmmcuster.com/how-to-make-morning-and-evening-routines/
3.    Plan on Sunday
Planning on Sundays is sometimes easier said than done, but I am trying to be consistent.  Sit down sometime on Sunday and review what has to be done for the week. I look at my calendar and my to do lists and try to figure out what I need to do over the next seven days.  Always be aware that things will come up during the week and try to be flexible.
4.   Build in Time for Surprises
Always remember to build in time for surprises and the unexpected.  I would love to say that you could predict everything that is going to happen everyday.  I can say that the world is a messy and unexpected place and I always try to allow enough wiggle room to work around those issues.  Someone always gets sick on the craziest week of the year, but if you wiggle, then you will not break.
5.   Take 10 minutes to yourself every day
Take at least 10 minutes to yourself every day.  Everyone can find those precious 10 minutes to take care of yourself. I like to meditate in the morning, to collect my thoughts and prepare for the day.  You can read, exercise, even stare out the window, just do something for yourself every day.
10 Sanity Savers for Overwhelmed Moms | Help Lightening your Load
6.   Work on  a Hobby
Everyone needs some sort of hobby, preferably something that is different from what you do everyday.  My hobby is knitting, which I have been doing since I was a teenager.  Since I have a desk job full time, I like to be able to make something with my hands.  Some people like to garden or craft or lots of other things, but you need something to let the other parts of your brain work.  You do not have to be good at it, just work on whatever you enjoy!
7.   Back up your phone
If you are like me, you use your phone more than anything else and need to protect your precious information.  Check the setting on your phone to back up when it is plugged in and connected to wifi.  If you have a iphone, then I would suggest paying the $0.99 per month for the increased level of storage.  It can also back up your contacts and such in case something happens to your phone.   Your worst nightmare is to wash your phone by accident and lose all of the pictures from the last year.
8.  Use your phone as a second brain
Most of our phones come with some awesome programs.  The reminder program can save your skin.  I will flat lose a scrap of paper, but do not usually lose my phone.  When we get busy, we forget to run an errand or pick something up.  I am trying to get better about using the voice recognition on my phone, but still feel kind of crazy talking to myself.  Take pictures of things that you do not want to forget, so that you will have them later.
9.  Keep your information handy
Find a way to keep up with your information and keep it with you always.   I use Evernote daily to keep up with personal and work information, articles and emails to deal with later.  Here are links to two posts that go into more depth about Evernote.  https://www.mmmcuster.com/evernote-how-to-start/ and  https://www.mmmcuster.com/evernote-my-mothers-little-helper/.  If Evernote is not your thing, try OneNote,  Google Keep or the notes application on your phone.  Just make sure that it is available when you need it most.
10.   Keep your car stocked for emergencies
Keep your car stocked for emergencies, rather it be major or minor.  I try to keep water and snacks in my car just in case.  Sometimes you get in traffic or practice runs late and someone needs a snack or gets thirsty.  It can also help if you end up at a restaurant with a long wait and hangry kids and/or adults.  The water and snack have saved me when I am running from one place to another and absolutely cannot stop!
Here is the list for you to print out!  https://www.dropbox.com/sh/qxr60zxup47rnn5/AABWVOBYC-S7z1x2HvOr-oH9a?dl=0
I cannot claim that this list will keep you sane at all times, but it has helped me to survive my years as a Mom.  Some things involve dealing with your mind and your mindset, while others help you through using technology to make your life easier.  As a bonus, if so inclined, a nice adult beverage or two, loud music in the car, or just a good scream in the backyard also helps with your sanity.  Give my 10 Sanity Savers for Overwhelmed Moms a try and let me know what you think!  Just always remember that tomorrow is a new day and that no one is perfect and no one expects you to be!!!!!

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